The Axis Deer

Also known as the Chital or Spotted Deer, the Axis Deer is one of instant recognition.  Indigenous to the Indianian subcontinent and later released to the Hawaiian Islands and Texas in 1932 this unique species has a unique tamed yet exotic feel. 

Fun Fact:  Their name has a similar origin to that of the Cheetah. 

Please note: Our Axis Deer is a Screen print on Cowhide and is in no way an actual Deer hide.

 Devore Snake / Giraffe / Tiger

Eye catching, one of a kind, out of the ordinary, and exceptional.  These are just a few of the adjectives we have heard describing our new screenprints.  By combining some of our favorite hair-on-hide features (these being acidwash, stencils, and metallic foil) we created a work of art capable of turning any room into the center of your home.

The Florence

Be sure to pay extra attention to this Hair-on-Hide!  Details reign supreme.
People ask us all the time, "What makes the Florence so special?"  Simple...every time you look at it you will see something that you haven't seen before.  I could be a flower stencil that evaded your sight or a small patch of acidwash that delicately altered the hides perceived color.  Every day with a Florence hide has the potential to be a completely new and unique day.
Please be sure to take full advantage of our websites zoom feature when browsing the Florence.  Each hide is unique and a work of art.

Tricolor Zebra

We are super excited to introduce our newest variation of the Zebra Screenprint! With additional color tones that add unprecedented depth, this new twist on a classic industry standard is like none other.
**Please note: No Zebras were harmed in the making of this hide.**

Exotic Tiger

Don't be fooled by its beauty. It's the best of both worlds. The natural beauty of a brindle with the stylish addition of a screenprint. Guaranteed to be an conversation starter; make one the center piece of your living room today!