Let's find you a perfect Cowhide

So I'm guessing if you have made it to this page you are looking for some guidance in purchasing a Hair-on-Hide.  We get it.  It can be daunting if you've never ventured down this road before.  Between all the colors, sizes, and shapes it can get confusing, but have no fear as we are about to ease your mind!

First, lets cover a little background information.  All of our Hair-on-Hides come from Brazil.  Unlike other countries that have large herds of cattle and are also major producers of Hair-on-Hides, Brazil has some of the most unique cows on the planet.  Not to mention they are leaps and bounds above those other countries in terms of their quality.  Like all leathers, Hair-on-Hides are graded and placed into categories based on natural flaws in the hide that can be present at birth or as a result of something the cow did during its life.  These can be bald spots, patches, or holes.  The higher the grade, the less flaws.  All of our hides are from the highest grade, therefore they are certified to have very few flaws.  They will also be slightly thicker than far less expensive hides giving them a "substantial" feel.

Our industry categorizes Hair-on-Hides by their breed, however we have designed our website to also organize them by color.  Many of the breeds we carry are very common and you've probably seen them at some point in your life.  Maybe even on your drive to work.  These breeds include, but are not limited to:

Holsteins (your common dairy cow) Black Angus (your common beef cow)
Over the centuries of cross breeding cattle to produce more milk or better tasting beef, unique genetic color variants started to appear. Each one unlike the last and unique in its own specific way.  These unique variants are among our most popular "naturals" due to the distinct look and novel color patterns.

Even though we have hundreds of hides to choose from on our website you will notice that not one hide will look like another.  Each one is a unique fingerprint and guaranteed that no one will ever own one that looks like yours.  We offer pictures of every single hide for this reason.  This is so you know exactly what you're getting.  The hide you see is the hide you will receive and not a generic picture of the "best case scenario".  To further help with your selection we have given you a grid overlay that will help you determine the exact dimensions of your hide.  We understand that not everyone's rooms are the size and we have gone to great lengths and try and remove every possible question you may my have.


*Our grid, pictured here, has 6 in x 6 in squares.  From this we can determine that this hide is ~ 6 feet wide from the edge of one foot to the edge of the other foot.

Hair-on-Hide rugs are great way to brighten up any room due to their uniqueness and versatility.

  • Kids and/or Guest rooms
  • A coffee table rug
  • They can be used in high traffic area or just to add that special touch that is missing
The only limitation to their usefulness is your imagination.  So take a few minutes, browse our website, and find your perfect hide!


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