Why Wipelli?

The Most Important Reasons

We are a super dedicated, knowledgeable, and legend-dairy group of leather professionals who take pride in offering you the best service and advice in the industry.

With almost 150 combined years of leather experience (my gosh our combined age is old...) it is hard to find something we haven't seen before.

Our orders ship within 24 hrs or less.

We only work with ISO certified tanneries, all of which are extremely reputable across the world.  Super boring I know, but we care a lot about our environmental impact.

We will make sure someone is always by the phone, just in case you call.



The More Fun Reasons:

We are all down to earth people who love their jobs.

The leather smells really good!

We don't necessarily have to talk about leather. We can talk about whatever you want. How's your favorite sports team doing this year?

We bring our dogs to work. Bet you wish you worked with us now!

The flag residing on the Moon was woven in our historic Rhodhiss building.