Boscoe is aniline-dyed leather made on choice Buffalo hides.  Combining the beauty and rustic charm of distressed western themes with a suede like feel, this protected leather has a burnished, deep and rich color contrast with a sophisticated tri-tone effect.

Boscoe has a casual pre-worn surface appearance that is warm and inviting, enhanced by dramatic variations in tone and intensity giving individual character to each piece.  Boscoe's exciting visual effects are the result of marrying an elaborate tannage to an elaborate finishing system that enhances its traditional look and feel.  Healed scars and natural grain variations enhance the natural beauty of this leather, adding to its outdoorsy charm.

For cleaning gently dust the leather off or lightly wipe it off with a damp cloth.

Technical Specifications

Raw Material Premium Buffalo Hides
Average Size 38-42 square feet
Thickness 2.25-2.75 ounce (0.9-1.1 mm)
Type of Tanning Chrome Tanned
Type of Dyeing 100% aniline drum dyed
Type of Finish Protected
Class Distressed
Abrasion Passes 1,000 cycles Taber CS 10
Light-fastness 6-7 on blue scale
Color-fastness 80/4 wet, 500/5 dry
Flame Resistance California Bulletin 117 | UFAC / NFPA 260 Class 1

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